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"Dear future husband, this is how I expect you to propose."

No ‘restaurant-where-we-went-on-our-first-date’ please.

Dear future husband,

We haven’t met yet. I don’t know your name or what you look like but I do know one thing about you already. I know that one day you will plan an amazing proposal for me before you get down on one knee.

I’m not talking about sweeping me off my feet, I’m talking about completely blowing me away – so I have an incredible story to tell every time someone asks me how you popped the question.

I’m not talking about a big parade, or fake wedding (NEVER a fake wedding). I’m not talking about recording your proposal so you can try and make it go viral on YouTube. I’m talking about a proposal that will go down through the generations as the most awesome life partner question in history.

So future husband this is how I expect would like you to propose.

I would like it to be ‘extreme’. Think climbing a mountain (not a hill). I want it to be after we’ve just hiked a huge mountain, or scuba dived deep in the ocean (maybe seen a shark). I want it to be when we are jumping out of a plane or skiing down a mountain. It could be on a beach – but we would need to have done something like hired a boat, or kayaked with whales to get there. I want it to be unique.

It could be after we've skied down a mountain.

You see, future husband, when I was in year 12 I had a teacher that I adored. She was young and sweet and someone I really looked up to. One day she came in to school and showed us all her new shiny addition on her ring finger. Of course, our first question was how did he propose (because this is everyone's first question).

Her answer blew us all away. She explained how her fiance and herself were keen scuba divers, and he had proposed to her while they were diving in the middle of the ocean. She admitted she nearly choked on water from tearing up but that it was also pure romance.


Since that day I knew I didn't want a boring proposal story. I wanted a story to rival my teacher's. So future husband you need to step it up when you decide to pop the question.

I don't want the classic story where I say that you took me to our favourite restaurant, got down on one knee and proposed (with a band playing in the background). I am not saying that is a bad story - I know many people (my parents included) who have this story and it's beautiful. But it's not the story I'm hoping for. I want it to be somewhere amazing, somewhere with a breathtaking view or after a breathtaking experience. I don't even care about the ring, I care more about the experience.

It could be a beach proposal but we have to work hard to get there.

So future husband, I hope when I find you, you find this letter and get started on planning your proposal. Because I want it to be grand - not in a 'flashdance' kind of way but in a 'we conquered something big and now I'm going to get down on one knee' kind of way.

I want it to be the proposal story that goes through our generations as the greatest proposal story, that everyone secretly hopes they can tell one day.

Can't wait to meet you soon future husband.

- S

What would your perfect proposal be?

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