The extraordinarily petty housemate request that has thousands of people in hysterics. 

Excuse me, but I have a new favourite person. And his name is Finn.

You see, Finn went rogue in a Whatsapp message to his housemates and people can’t work out if he is a) the funniest man in Australian history or b) extraordinarily petty. 

“Guys I don’t mean to sound like I’m nagging,” he began his message, which everyone knows is the best way to approach straight up nagging the people you live with.

“… but I’ve noticed that the swivel stools are all at different heights sometimes and I just think if you’ve used a stool you should return it to its full height before leaving the kitchen!,” he continued.

The use of “!” is important, because it appears Finn was trying to look fun and light but also convincing while reprimanding his housemates about their choice of… stool height.

“I don’t want to come in from a long day of lectures to see all the stools are different heights, thanks guys <3 <3.”


So true. 

Don’t you hate it when you’ve had a long day of lectures – fantasising about sitting on a perfectly adjusted stool – and then you come home all excited, and they’ve been tampered with by idiots?


Isn’t it preposterous that Finn even needed to say something, when a standardised stool height is just an unspoken rule of living with other people?

Listen: Are house guests problematic? Only if they mess with your stools…

Despite Finn’s preemptive “thanks guys” (no… no one is altering their stool habits), he didn’t quite get the response he was hoping for.

“Please, oh please tell me you are joking?…” a man named Ethan replied almost immediately.

But Finn just responded, “?”

Oh, honey no. 

A third housemate, Lois, shared the conversation on Twitter with the caption: “How do I request new flat mates x”.

The tweet has since attracted 78,000 likes and hundreds of comments, including one reading, “If he doesn’t come back to upside down stools tomorrow you’re doing uni wrong.”

But not everyone thought Finn was being petty.

Many said that stools at different heights would “stress me out,” and a man named David insisted, “I completely agree, simple and easy task to perform not sure why people are laughing.”

It’s the great stool debate of 2017.

Where do you stand?

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