The vile Facebook page that rates women without their permission.

“It’s that time to hunt,” writes a follower of the Facebook page Hotties of Melbourne University.

The comment is posted below an image of a female student, published alongside her full name and the course she is studying at the prestigious University.

Hotties of Melbourne University is self-described as “a page for all the hotties of Melbourne uni to be viewed.” Administrators ask followers to “message us photos of hotties” and put forward their friends and peers to have their attractiveness rated by followers of the page, which has over 13,000 likes.

Perhaps most upsetting is the call for people featured on the site to make contact “if you want a photo of you removed”.

That means that the comment, “she’s a bitch and has bad breath,” has been posted on a photograph of a women posted in a public forum, which has a very specific agenda, without her permission.

Other such comments posted on images of both female and male students include:

“I bet she’s really quiet during sex.”

"Phwoaaarrr I'd hit that like a Mack truck with no brakes."

"Body built for sin!!"

"I want to sit on this guys face!!"

"Some vibrato on her g-string would make some beautiful music."

"Where can I buy one of these?"

"Horrible angle of posture to pose from, minimal cleavage, not so cute pot, turtle face and tuckshop arms.

Melbourne University student Laura Blandthorn is among many who find the site and the views expressed within it reprehensible. Blandthorn, studying law at the institution, has created a petition calling for the removal of the page because "it condones sexism, predatory behaviour and disrespect."

"We are not fooled by the hollow gloss of false humour," she writes.


She believes the concept of rating and commenting on the photos of these so-called "hotties" is perpetuating rape culture by:

"1. Normalising predatory behaviour towards women as demonstrated in comments such as: 

"shoot me with tranquilliser right now before I go out to hunt!”, "Geez she'd get it” and " This bloke doesn't take no for an answer”. 

2. Posting photographs of people for the purposes of evaluating their desirability  without their permission.

3. Treating women as property; a commodity to be bought and sold through the promotion of comments such as 'Sold: I'll trade you 6 goats and 100 gold pieces'."

It is evident that several other students agree with Blandthorn's sentiments regarding the site's ethical boundaries.

"Does she know you've posted her picture without her permission? You're a bunch of creeps," writes one.

"Puerile comments from creepy predators," posted another.

WATCH- Famous women read mean tweets about themselves (post continues after video):

But these comments calling the page out for it's inappropriateness are dotted through floods of posts discussing peoples' weight, their hair, their skin, their race and their sexual history.

People describe in detail the sexual acts they would like to perform on those featured in the images. Again, all of which is done without their permission.

While the page has been reported to Facebook multiple times, it is still currently active, public and posting.

If you would like to sign the petition to ban the Facebook page, you can do so here.