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"I'm freaking out": A woman found a hole behind her hotel mirror. So she looked inside.

Hotel rooms are, by their very nature, unfamiliar.

Things are not where you expect, and it can be hard to completely settle when you aren’t in your own space.

But for one Reddit user, hotel rooms are about to be a definite source of anxiety.

When tbug411 walked into her hotel room in Florida, a woman was standing in her bathroom, stealing her things.

“Rebecca and I walked to our rooms and as we stood outside of our rooms, I opened mine and I saw someone in the bathroom. I said, “hello…” Nobody answered. My first instinct was that it was a cleaning lady in there for some reason – and then I saw MY bag with MY clothes in her hands,” she explained in the post.

After chasing her out, she realised her medication was missing.

“I went into my room and it’s been ransacked. I did a quick look around to see if anything had been taken. All of my electronics were still there. Then I went into the bathroom and I saw my underwear, my bikini, and my clothes shoved into my own bags randomly. Even my passport was shoved in there!! Then I looked on the counter and I saw that she got into my medication. I’m not sure what was going through my head at the moment other than I wanted it back, so I ran out the door to go find her,” she wrote. Unable to locate the woman, she called the police.

When the police came to inspect the hotel, the woman noticed drywall in the sink. It was deemed an unnecessary detail in the investigation, but it continued to play on her mind.

“One thing that I noticed was that there were bits of drywall in the sink and I pointed that out to the cops but none of us really knew where it came from. We started looking at the door and the windows to see if she pried her way in somehow but there was nothing. So we kind of just went with the idea that she had a spare key or something, even though the hotel front desk was adamant that there’s no way that could be,” she wrote.

After observing the dry wall and the wall above the sink more closely, the woman asked her coworker to help her remove the mirror from the wall.

Behind it was a gaping hole, with a pillow, blankets, cigarettes, clothes and toothbrushes inside it.

The robber had been living in the hotel room the entire time she had been staying there, and she believes the woman was there last time she stayed, too.

“The last time we stayed at this hotel I would randomly smell cigarette smoke and I assumed someone was smoking in their bathroom and it was traveling through the vents. But nope… she was smoking just on the other side of my mirror,” she wrote in the post.

She shared a photo of the hole in the wall too, and it’s terrifying.

This definitely adds an unnecessary level of anxiety to staying away from home.

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