Hot Oscars hair

The Oscars and after parties are all over for another year, but let’s take a closer look at the hairstyles the celebrities sported on the red carpet, from fringes and ponytails to buns and chignons.

Paula Joye from Lifestyled reports on the latest hair trend – the Mob:

The only thing hotter than Penelope Cruz’s decolletage last night was Scarlett Johansson’s haircut (close third goes to her eye make-up which was smoking). She looked so modern on the red carpet amongst a sea of stiff chignons and slicked back buns.

The Mob – a messy, chunky bob – is the style of the second and thanks to Scarlett will become the cut most copied in weeks to come. The long front and deep side part is the key.

Am thinking about it myself.

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