28 mini hot dogs baked into the crust of a full-sized pizza. Probs not paleo.

Pizza Hut in the USA has announced the arrival of hot-dog stuffed-crust pizza.

That is, 28 mini hot dogs baked into the crust of a full-sized pizza. With dipping sauce, of course.

Wait – is that even enough sauce? Source: Twitter

Our first thought: “This is why America has an obesity epidemic.

Our second thought: “Damn… Australia got there first.”

In 2011, Pizza Hut introduced a hot-dog style crust (slightly different to the Hot Dog Bites Pizza, with the sausage running inside the crust) to the Asian market, and then to Australia, the UK, Canada, Thailand and the Middle East.

The American launch comes one month after Pizza Hut tried to distance itself from artificial flavours and preservatives. Because they wouldn’t want to be seen as unhealthy or anything.

Pizza news: Soon you’ll be able to order pizza by using emojis.

Evidently, Australian Pizza Hut is particularly creative when it comes to crust-stuffing. Recently, the Four ‘N’ Twenty Meat Pie crust was launched, with six beef pies baked into the crust.

Hashtag Straya.

Pie-crust pizza. Definitely not paleo. Source: Facebook

Also available: A cheeseburger crust, a Doritos crunchy crust, good ol’ cheese-stuffed crust, and an experimental Mitey crust – as in, Vegemite.

The average calorie count of a stuffed-crust pizza is equivalent to a whole days’ calorie intake.

So, you know… Stuff your crust in moderation, folks.