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Celia and Geff's wedding photo might be the saddest you've ever seen.

Celia and Geff got married at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month. That wasn’t their original plan.

Last year, their toddler Logan was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. He had surgery to remove a tumour and months of chemotherapy. The family thought the cancer was gone, and celebrated.

But just before the end of the year, there was bad news. The cancer had returned. Logan had tumours in his brain and down his spinal cord.

Celia and Geff, who is training to become a police officer, have been living at the hospital with two-year-old Logan while he receives intensive chemotherapy. Their older son, four-year-old Rowan, has been staying with an aunt and uncle.

The couple decided to marry in the hospital chapel earlier this month.

“Celia and Geff decided to move their wedding plans up from June 2018 to January because it just felt right to them,” Logan’s grandmother, Megan Dempsey, told Fox 11. “The hospital staff went out of their way to make it so special for everyone.”

After the ceremony in the chapel, Dempsey took a photo of Celia and Geff carrying Logan through the hospital.

“This picture I snapped is of Celia and Geff taking Logan back to his room,” she says. “It speaks to me of bravery, love and the ability to find joy and happiness in almost any situation.”

The family is keen to raise awareness of paediatric cancer. Dempsey says it’s not rare, and there’s not enough cancer funding. They allowed the hospital to share the photo on its Facebook page.

“Sometimes, when you can’t come to the wedding, the wedding comes to you,” the hospital captioned it.

Soon, the family were flooded with prayers, blessings and good wishes. Logan’s other grandmother, Robin, tells Mamamia they feel strengthened by the support.

“I know they feel the prayers,” she adds. “I love all the attention this is bringing to paediatric cancer.”

Dempsey says that Logan loves dinosaurs and Paw Patrol. Despite the cancer and the gruelling treatment, he remains the same “sweet, happy boy” he’s always been.