The $10 haircare product celebrities are stealing from their pets

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We’re going to tell you a little secret. There’s a new shampoo that is taking the celebrity and beauty world by storm right about now.

No, we’re not going to tell you about some obscenely expensive product that is aspirational, and well, unattainable… We’re going to tell you about something that costs you about 10 bucks.

Are you ready to find out what the shampoo is?

It’s called Mane ‘N Tail, and it’s horse shampoo. YOU HEARD RIGHT, A HORSE SHAMPOO.

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It’s said to make your hair shinier, glossier, and it even makes your hair grow thicker and stronger. And faster. Apparently.

Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore are two celebrities that have purportedly climbed on the bandwagon. They’re both said to be hoarding many months supply of the product. Can you imagine the stockpiles of horse-hair-care in their enormous bathroom cabinets?

Jennifer Anniston Neigh-ls it.

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This YouTuber reviewed Mane 'N Tail and has tracked her super-speedy hair growth:

What makes Mane N Tail stand-out from the horse-pack? It uses a micro-enriched protein formula that is exclusive to their brand.

And in their words, is "fortified with moisturisers and emollients that helps to provide body, shine and manageability for healthy-looking hair every time you shampoo" and "down to the scalp” cleansing action without stripping natural oils".


Now, I'm sure that you want to get your hands on some, I'll just drop the link right about here.

Run, don't walk! Or should I say, gallop?

Check out Jennifer Aniston's hair evolution here:

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Are you sold?