For everyone who's had a non-human best friend.

Sheila Marsh had just days to live, and there was only one thing she wanted to do before she passed:

See the horse she had been raising for 25 years one last time.

An animal love her entire life, Sheila, 77, had been taking care of Bronwen the horse since birth. So when she told staff at Wigan Royal Infirmary in Manchester that she wanted to say goodbye to Bronwen, they did everything they could to make it happen.

When brought together for the last time, they shared a beautiful moment that has now gone viral. As soon as Bronwen saw Shelia lying in her hospital bed, she bent down to give her a tender kiss:

The bereavement specialist at Wigan Royal Infimary told The Manchester Evening News:

“Sheila gently called to Bronwen and the horse bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheek as they said their last goodbyes.”

Just hours after the photo was taken, Sheila sadly succumbed to her cancer, but her daughter was glad that she had been able to share one last moment with the horse she loved so much:

“I was crying my eyes out and all the nurses were crying too,” she said. “She took comfort out of it and it was a beautiful moment.”