'My husband's family decided to join us.' Six married women share their honeymoon disasters.

Whether it’s a tropical beach resort stay or a backpacking adventure, honeymoons can be just as much fun (and sometimes more) than a couple’s wedding day.

But not all newlyweds spend their first holiday away as a married couple in total bliss.

Sometimes things go wrong. Like your husband’s family decide to crash the honeymoon. Or you inadvertently become an animal rescue volunteer.

Here, six women share, what (almost) ruined their honeymoon:

‘We got caught having sex atop a boat.’

One couple spent days of their 2005 honeymoon “on a rickety boat in Indonesia with 10 other men in the one room”.

“We all had single beds. Certainly not how we envisioned the layout of the boat,” she said.

“In desperation for private space for intimacy, we chose the top of the boat.”

“Totally immersed in the moment and about to orgasm as a light from another boat shone directly on us.

“We covered ourselves quickly as we laughed with those laughing at us.”

But it wasn’t all funny.

“Once we stopped laughing I realised that my back and butt were covered in fibreglass shards making the next few days extremely itchy and uncomfortable.”

‘We spent most of our honeymoon rehoming kittens.’

Nicolle told Mamamia that shortly into her 2016 Bali honeymoon she and her new husband suffered the traumatic experience of having four lives on their hands.

They arrived to find a kitten and cat in the Bali villa, but management soon removed it.

Nicolle got attached to the cute kittens. Image: Supplied.

"The poor mother cat was crying, so I asked for them back and they kept ignoring me, until my husband finally asked.

"Then we ended up with four three-week-old kittens and their mum in our villa and trying to find a foster family or animal shelter for them.

Nicolle spent about seven of the ten days of her honeymoon rehoming kittens. Image: supplied.

"It was stressful because I was worried that if we left without finding them a home, the hotel would 'dispose of them'.

"In the end, we did find homes for them, but it was so sad."

'My husband's family joined us on our honeymoon.'

One woman's 1997 honeymoon at Margaret River was ruined when her new husband's family decided it would be a great idea to tag along.

"My new husband's family travelled from overseas for the wedding and as a 'surprise' joined us on our honeymoon.

"It was a road trip down the coast and his sister was car sick the entire time.

"Plus my sister-in-law and her husband really didn't like kids and we had my three-year-old with us.

"I ended up feeling like I was ruining their holiday because I had to prioritise my toddler. AND IT WAS MY HONEYMOON."


'The honeymoon was great... until we went to fly home.'

It's never fun to leave a holiday, but the end of one 35-year-old's Fiji wedding in 2006 meant they couldn't get home fast enough.

"On the way back home, birds flew into the aeroplane's propeller before departure which meant we couldn't fly out.

"The airline sent us to a motel after waiting 10 hours at the airport for it to be fixed.

"We went from a five-star luxury honeymoon resort to a two-star dirty hotel for hours on end while no one had any idea when the plane would be ready to depart.

"We then got the call that night at 3.30am to go back to the airport and was then delayed another five hours!"

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'The perfect time to tell us our wedding video got taped over.'

Back in 1988, one wife recalls her trip up to NSW's North Coast was ruined by certain family members.

"My father-in-law taped over our wedding video, which we had not seen.

"My sister-in-law wanted us to know on our honeymoon so that we could be angry with each other and not them. They rang us and told us."

'We got sunburned and then poisoned.'

One 28-year-old short Phuket holiday in March 2017 was basically a washout.

"We weren’t going to have one straight away but then flights to Phuket were so cheap we decided to go for six days.

"We got crazy bad sunburn on the second day making us pretty much not able to go outside for the next two days.

"Then next time we ventured out we got food poisoning."

Did your honeymoon get almost (or completely) ruined by an unfortunate event?