Ever wondered what your favourite celebrities looked like in high school?

Thank goodness for the Super Bowl.

(Stick with me here.)

Because without that absurdly monumental footballing spectacle, not only would we never have witnessed Lady Gaga swan dive from the rafters of Houston’s NRG stadium….


… we may also never have known the glorious cookie-dusting goodness that was teenage Steve Carell’s moustache.

Image: Honda.

Spectacular, isn't it?

We have Honda's CR-V Super Bowl ad to thank for it.

Called 'Yearbooks', the 30-second clip animated the high school photographs of some of Hollywood's biggest celebs. They include Tina Fey, who is "carrying a red rose" for some reason, Robert Redford, Magic Johnson, Missy Elliott, Stan Lee (Marvel Comics legend), Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis.

Each share words of wisdom via their teenage selves, like this from actress Amy Adams: "You may fall flat on your face, but technically that's still moving forward."

The commercial was seen by more than 110 million people who tuned into Monday's NFL championship game between the... hold on... yep, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

With the match attracting such a large volume of viewers each year, companies have the incentive to spend millions producing advertisements and even more to snag a slot.

According to USA Today, TV network CBS charged brands US$5 million for a standard 30-second space last year, which works out to $166,666 per second.


So thank you Honda, for spending it on this: