Women will never have to share their sexy lingerie again.

Men can now buy their own.

There’s a new sexy lingerie range on the market that hosts laced panties, bralets, g-strings and corsets – they’re point of difference is – they’re not made for women.

There’s a wide colour range – pink, red, green and blue. There’s black lace and white lace, there’s also a penis specific ‘g-string’ called a c-string (for unknown reasons to us). And it is all stocked at a Brisbane based online lingerie store called HommeMystere

The company launched in 2008 and initially opened because its co-creators realised their were next-to-no options for men in this market. It allows men to shop for sexy lingerie without having to go in to female stores. Since launching their online site in March they’ve seen a surge in popularity.

“Men’s lingerie is harmless fun enjoyed for a variety of reasons. But only those of us with the lingerie addiction know just how passionate guys can be about lingerie….It’s a cycle of indulgence, enjoyment, guilt, purge and acceptance. There’s nothing better…except perhaps sharing lingerie..” the HommeMystere website says.

So now your raunchy night in could involve a sexy red lingerie set, like this.

Or you (and your man) may be into a more florally, frilled look...

It certainly gives a new meaning to role play in the bedroom, and it's a positive for women who have had to share their own lingerie with their partners in the past.

The men's range appeared on the runway at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in 2013, which gave men's lingerie some great publicity.

The range is definitely challenging our 'social norms' of what society expects to happen in the bedroom. It's opening up a space for women to be more dominant, and for men to focus on their bodies and appearance as much as women are expected to.

And while I'm sure it's not what everyone would want to add to their romp time, it's opening up a retail section where men can express themselves in the sexual way they desire, and women don't have to share their fancy underwear.

Would you let your partner wear this in the bedroom?

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"Let it rip. Fart filtering undies are here."

"My tween does not need a g-string that says 'call me'."