Good news for parents whose kids refuse to do their homework.

Here’s some news your children will love: Homework has almost no academic benefits for primary school students.

Here’s some news your children will love: Homework has almost no academic benefits for primary school students.

At least, that’s what an inquiry in Victoria has claimed in a report published today.

The Herald Sun reports The Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee found that there was “strong evidence” that homework at  primary-level had little impact on academic performance.

The report also suggested children’s time could be better spent on other interests and activities, Nine News reports.

But there were some academic benefits for high school students, and homework assisted in developing life skills.

The committee will now recommended a review of homework guidelines after the findings.

The committee, which received 32 submissions and conducted 16 public hearings as part of its eight-month investigation, has recommended a review of homework guidelines.

It has also offered to advise schools on the findings.

Previously, Sharny Kieser wrote for Mamamia…

We live in a time where children are becoming overworked before they even hit high school. And here’s my suggestion – ditch the homework.

Banning homework will make for healthier kids, because they will have time to play, to exercise and to help mum and dad prepare food.

School children already spend six hours a day exercising their minds. What about their bodies? Ban homework and your kids can spend time being more active. More active kids are more intelligent kids. The body carries the mind.

In our opinion, school time should be school time and home time should be home time. 

Sharny Keiser with family.

Parents don’t send kids to school with a list of home chores to do, and schools shouldn’t send kids home with a list of school chores to do.

We’re all sitting around waiting for a politician to make a decision, but we forget that politicians aren’t dictators, they’re spokespeople. They can’t make the decision for us.

If you are a parent who believes that schoolwork needs to stay at school, and you want your children to have a real childhood, just start saying “no”.

If families stop doing homework, it will stop being handed out. And don’t worry about the teachers, we’re sure they’d prefer to be actually teaching than creating and marking homework. Just like parents would rather spend the time preparing healthy dinners than helping with homework.

Our call does come with a warning however: Homework is far better than screen or phone time, so warn your kids that if they don’t play outside, do chores and help with dinner, you’ll bring it back!

Do you agree? Should homework be banned in favour of outdoor activities?