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Homesickness…when living far from family does your head in

Have you ever lived overseas? Or interstate? Away from your family and friends? (Oh wait, I'm sounding like a Qantas commercial…) Maybe you loved it. I have many friends who have moved overseas for extended periods for work and they say it can be a hugely bonding thing if you move with your partner. With nobody else around, you're forced to navigate everything together.

But it can also be tremendously difficult. And sometimes it's a bit of both.

Here's a letter from a MM reader who is struggling with it and wondering if anyone can give her any advice.

Beth* writes….

I live overseas and have done so for 5 years. My husband is not Australian, we are living in his country due to his work commitments.

Before we married and I moved over here he promised me we would one day live in Australia (he loves it at home) this should happen within

the next 1/2 years. I know we will live back in Australia one day soon and I suppose that keeps me going but the homesickness I feel hasn't got any easier, in

fact it seems to get worse and worse. It's such an empty feeling, a pain that sometimes is unbearable. I am generally a positive person and don't let things get me down but this

is tough, I think mainly because I cannot do anything about it. In some ways my two children (toddler and newborn) keep me so occupied the homesickness isn't so intense but at other times because of them it gets worse!?

I am very close to my family and feel such guilt that they are not able to be a part of this wonderful stage in my life and to enjoy the day to day happenings of my darling children. My husband and I have a very good marriage, he is a loving husband and adoring father, but he has a very demanding job which keeps him away from home alot. I would love to hear from the Mamamia community on how they deal with homesickness.