The Block's Alisa and Lysandra on the 5 big home trends for 2021.

Like many of you, our thoughts have already turned to 2021 (given most of us wrote off 2020 back in March). 

And while it’s tempting to hide under the doona until the new year, we’ve instead been planning some amazing interior transformations. 

Trends to watch in the coming year reflect the “new normal”, where living, working and studying from home all need to be accommodated. 

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Naturally, interior design has responded, signalling an era of improved technology, luxury, and authenticity.

Here are our top 5 interior design trends for 2021.

1. Holiday at home (because there is no alternative…)

It looks like we still won’t be going anywhere overseas for quite some time, so builders and renovators are seriously committed to channelling some resort vibes in the home. 

Skylights above the shower, and tapware with an aged finish, deliver those ‘holiday at home’ feels in the bathroom we are all needing. 


Paired with natural and organic looking tiles and cabinetry, the ‘day spa’ look is easily achieved and this popular 2020 trend would appear to be rolling over into 2021.

2. Year-round outdoor spaces.

Home improvement plans this summer have really focused on outdoor living, largely because we crave to be somewhere other than the confines of our living rooms. Renovations will have an emphasis on creating the perfect outdoor room this summer. 


A year-round entertaining area can be difficult to accommodate in Australia, particularly in cities like Melbourne with freezing cold winters and boiling hot summers. Outdoor heating and cooling solutions are becoming a necessity for savvy renovators trying to maximise outdoor living space. 

We love a matte black outdoor fan with some strip heating for year-round comfort. With the addition of a quality outdoor area screening system, you can really double the living space of your home.

3. Sensory experiences.

Sensor tapware is having a moment. The idea of being able to wash your hands without having to turn on the tap has a greater appeal than ever before.


Ideal for shared spaces, a sensor tap is the perfect choice for touchless hand washing in the kitchen – particularly when preparing messy meals. This technology has also evolved to include sensor toilet flushing in the bathroom, minimising exposure to germs and the need for constant cleaning. 

The Sia Memo Sensor Sink Mixer. Image: Reece. 

4. Quality over budget

Cheap, throwaway purchases have been cluttering our homes in recent times and we're starting to see a shift towards a ‘less is more’ mentality when it comes to decorating. A focus on quality furniture (even if that means second-hand) will be big in 2021. 


We have spent a lot of time in our homes this year and we want to be surrounded by things (and people) that we love. Importantly, we are willing to spend a little more for that piece that makes our heart soar. 

The environmentally conscious know that a solid oak dining table isn’t just a trend, and that the eventual return on an investment piece like this will far outweigh the few hundred dollars you might save by opting for the cheap imposter.

The perfect piece can stay in a family for a lifetime, and a quality purchase is far less likely to end up in landfill.

5. Say no to faux.

Riding on the heels of the quality furniture trend is the movement to banish any and all imitations. Think real stone, marble and timber.

Nothing beats the feeling of cool stone bench tops or solid timber floorboards. Authenticity is the buzzword for 2021 and natural materials mean both longevity and visual appeal.


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