'The 6 home hair colouring tips I follow for a flawless result.'

Thanks to our brand partner, Schwarzkopf

Hello, my name is Leigh Campbell and I colour my hair at home. 

A woman doing her own colour isn't all that groundbreaking, but as a beauty expert, that often surprises people.

I do it DIY-style because it’s fast (my hair grows sooo quickly and so my greys need doing every three weeks), it fits into my schedule whenever I want (I don't have to make an appointment with myself) and the results are really good. Although, the amount of time it saves me really is the biggest winner.

I recently used the Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range to do just the above. It fully covered my greys and made my hair feel healthy and look lush. 

Wanna know how I did it and my tips for getting it right? 

Let’s break it down. 

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1. Select your product

The wall of home hair colours at your local supermarket or pharmacy can be overwhelming. Which to choose? Like I said, I just trialled the Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range the last time my roots were ‘glowing’. 

It’s a permanent home hair colour option. I was first drawn to the grey coverage, because the brand claims to cover all greys and almost all of my hairs are ‘sparkly’ (as I like to call them), so we were off to a great start!

The DIY colour also boasts fancy anti-breakage technology, meaning it’s going to protect the integrity of your strands, so there’s less damage. Being pros in home hair colour, I knew Schwarzkopf would have factored richness of colour and lots of shine (come to mumma!).

Less breakage, amazing colour and no greys? Sold. 

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2. Decipher your shade

Picking the right shade is so important. So so so sooooo important. I can’t stress that enough.

Pick up a box and check out the shade range on the back of the pack for what *might* happen to your hair if you use that colour (depending on what colour your hair is to begin with). 

If you’re unsure, always err on the side of caution by going one shade ‘more cautious’. For example, I know I am a shade 5, but if it was my first time, I’d go for a 6 just to make sure the result wasn't too dark.

Better yet, flip over your box of Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist. There’s a phone number on there that’ll connect you to professionally trained colourists who can advise you. For free! It’s a little known but very wonderful service.

3. Read the instructions

I mean it. I can't tell you how many people don't. So read them, please. Twice. 

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4. Gather your tools

This is where you can act like a pro and use a mixing bowl and brush if you like. To be honest, I don't bother — the bottle you mix the colour in that’s provided does the job for me.

However, I do use an old towel to protect the basin and I have some hand sanitiser at the ready (I’ll explain why soon). 

You may also like to use a barrier cream like Vaseline to protect your skin at the hairline and ears from colour stains. 

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5. Tidy any mess

After you've applied the colour (which you know how to do because you read the instructions!), you can tidy up any colour that may have made it onto your skin. 

This is where I use trusty old hand sanitiser. The high alcohol content lifts the pigment right off, so it doesn't stain. Just make sure you use it sparingly (on a cotton round or cotton bud) as it can be quite drying. 

6. Follow the aftercare

After you rinse the colour off, ensure you use the fancy conditioning mask that’s provided in the box. It’s super rich and full of restorative ingredients that make your hair feel like actual silk afterwards. 

And because the pros at Schwarzkopf know exactly what’s up, they also include a follow-up treatment you use at the two or three-week mark that extends the life of your colour (and makes your hair feel like silk all over again).

That’s it! It’s fast, easy and your hair now looks fabulous! Go take a look in the mirror, I'll wait here. 

If you're keen to give it a go yourself, check out the Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist range.

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