Calm down people, Home And Away didn't actually stuff up last night.

Uh-oh. Looks like iconic Aussie soap has suffered a bit of a stuff-up.

Last week, actress Kassandra Clementi’s character, Maddy Osborne had her arm amputated when it was caught under a heavy load after an explosion. In last night’s episode, viewers were left scratching their heads when Clementi’s amputated arm suddenly swapped side in one scene.

As usual, nothing goes past Twitter, with users quick to comment on the mishap.


Media Watch, the ABC team who keeps our media in check, also noticed the Home And Away continuity team suffered a big no-no.

Posting to their Facebook page today, they said, “Soapies are not normally on the Media Watch radar, but we couldn’t go past this continuity bungle on Home And Away last night.”

One user was quick to point out the mix-up was due to a reflection from a mirror, “I feel bad for knowing this, the left is a reflection from a mirror,” the user said.

Media Watch responded with an update, “Mirror mirror on the wall…on reflection there was no bungle at all. Our soapie watch days are over already.”

Channel 7 and the official Home And Away Twitter accounts also pointed out the misunderstanding was due to a reflection.


Sorry, eagle-eyed viewers, you jumped the gun a bit too quickly with this one.

You can watch Melissa George on Home And Away below…

Video via Channel 7
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