Holly Madison on Larry King Live.....awkward!

Now that Holly has escaped from her grandpa boyfriend, Hugh Hefner, and hooked up with ‘magician’ Criss Angel, it’s time to keep that PR machine going! Gosh balls, this interview is rather squirmy as Larry asks some uncomfortable questions like “So, do you and Criss want to get married and have babies?”.

What I find extraordinary about this whole thing is how, now that the Girls Next Door have ended their contracts with Hef – and they all admit they were contracted to be his ‘girlfriend’ and were paid $1000 a week for their ‘work’ – and all the truth is coming out, no-one has said: BUT THIS IS TOTALLY FUCKED UP. Because it was. And is. And now that he has three new ‘girlfriends’ including 19 year old twins…everyone just smiles benignly at the idea that ‘oh, it’s just Hef”.