Hobbyhorsing is a real sport with fake horses. And it's incredibly popular.

Thousands of teenage girls in Finland are competing in national show-jumping competitions using toy horses.

The trend known as ‘hobbyhorsing’, has trotted out of lounge rooms and into sporting arenas around the nation.

Participants compete against one another in show-jumping, dressage and other equestrian events.

The Times reported the sport is estimated to involve over 10,000 participants.

(Source: YouTube/Tuffi Films.)

Hobbyhorsing may seem like a bit of a joke but the girls undergo very real training sessions in order to refine their skills.

Oscar nominated director Selma Vilhunen directed the documentary Hobbyhorse Revolution, that captures the fast-growing phenomena.

Girls in the documentary explain how the hobby has improved their fitness, craft-making skills and social life.

I'll bet this isn't the last we'll hear of such a stud idea.

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