TRY THIS: The clothing quiz to help you get your kid's spring wardrobe sorted.

Thanks to our brand partner, H&M

Spring is here, and summer’s coming – and all parents know that the gear their kids wore in January isn’t quite right now.

That’s partly because the kids have outgrown their gear over the last six months, and partly because they are literally new little people who want to express themselves in a different way – not wear clothes that are “so-six-months-ago”!

This is where our H&M kids clothing quiz comes in.

Using the fresh new Spring Kids range from H&M, we’ve developed a quiz to help you work out what their real clothing style is right now, based on their personality.

You might have a kid who loves to pair tartan with floral. Or a little one who wants to wear clothes that say something about the world. She might prefer Drake to Taylor Swift, and his favourite animal might be a teacup pig.

You could be dealing with a Little Activist, a Pop Rebel, or a Wild Thing – and H&M has you covered on all of those bases.

Take this quiz to work out your child’s clothing personality, and help you nail their spring wardrobes:


Like being able to shop for yourself whilst also shopping for your child? H&M's new kids' spring collection has something for every child at any age, from the cutest denim overalls to trendy tracksuits to unicorn and cat t-shirts.