H&M's seven coolest pieces under $30 to give your little legend a great start to the year.

Thanks to our brand partner, H&M.

2019. How did we get here so fast? I’m sure I’m not the only parent who looks at my kids and thinks ‘since when did you morph from baby into that little human with a HUGE personality in front of me? Not to mention the rate at which they grow! It feels like they shoot up an inch overnight.

And then, before you know it they’re in school. This year my five-year-old daughter is starting school. My seven-year-old son is going into Year 2. I’m tripping out just…a…little.

I’m a firm believer that when you step up to the next level in life, you should dress for success. So, I applied this principle to my little legends when I got a preview of H&M’s Back To School range for kids.

I know how I feel when I’ve got new clothes, and it’s no different for kids. It’s all about making them feel like “themselves” in those hours when they’re not in their school uniforms too. And to be honest, as a mum looking for factors like trendiness, practicality, price point, and where possible, sustainability, I found various items in my H&M shopping haul that ticked the different boxes I usually look for.

The unicorn long sleeve top ($25.99)

It's the unicorn top that changes colours and Amali loves it. Image: Supplied

As a lover of unicorns and sequins (who isn't?), my daughter Amali didn't walk, she ran towards this top the minute she saw it. She hasn't stopped switching from the rainbow sequin unicorn to the gold and silver unicorn since I gave it to her.

The interactive element makes this top a lot of fun, and I'm hedging a bet now that it'll be a sellout. She'll be the toast of her play dates with her new school friends!

See? How cool is that? Image: Supplied

The all-seasons denim shirt dress ($24.99)

denim dress
A dress for all year round. Image: Supplied

I had to check the price tag on this one twice! It really is the kind of versatile dress I would want to wear if it were available in adult size. Amali got lucky again!

This one's made of a lovely light fabric which will work perfectly as we see out summer and the warmer months, and as the weather cools down we can pair it with some tights or a cardigan.

The chambray shirt dress style is timeless so will never go out of fashion.

The coolest blue linen shirt ($25.99) and tan chino ($14.99) combo

h&m kids
Ready for a wedding...or a family lunch...or a party! Image: Supplied

“Mummy, I’m dressed for a wedding!” Isaac loved dressing up a little in this icy blue long-sleeved shirt and tan chino style pant.

There was no compromise on comfort either - the shirt is made from the softest cotton and the pants have an easy wear elasticised waist.

The stripey sustainable tee (twin pack $14.99)

He paired it with a hoodie just to be that bit extra. Image: Supplied

I loved that this piece was from H&M’s Conscious range and part of a two pack, made from organic and recycled materials, Isaac loved the comfortable fit.

Another piece that will see out the summer days and can be teamed with a hoodie as the cooler weather starts.

The cutest cream cardigan ($14.99), shirt ($12.99) and grey skirt ($24.99) combo

Who's the boss now? Image: Supplied

The girly t-shirt with detailing across the chest and cardigan with gold buttons were among the favourites for Amali. This combo worked well with a grey skirt but would also pair perfectly with denim. Soft and sweet, this was a thumbs-up from Amali and I!

So, you want my verdict?

Clothes can really be symbolic at times of change for your kids, like starting school. Suddenly, their identities go beyond being just "your baby" - they're little people with growing interests, whether it be sport, music, art or any other activity they're discovering.

My kids were so excited with their new looks, with lots of exclamations of “I love it”, “it’s so cool”. All of the pieces worked well to mix and match, maximising the opportunities to wear.

All of the clothing items I selected were under $26, and Isaac’s white trainers were just $30, so the value for money was great, too.

My little people are now dressed for success, for what will hopefully be a big and beautiful 2019. Go you good things!

h&m kids
Oh, my heart... Image: supplied

The H&M Kids Back to School collection is available now. There's a kidswear offer in store from January 17 - get 20% off all kidswear when you spend $60! For more info or to find your nearest store, visit

This content is brought to you with thanks by our brand partner, H&M.


Get ready for the first day of the new school year with H&M's latest kids collection. Heading back to school has never looked so good so let their new found confidence and endless potential shine through in this fun and trendy kidswear range. Whether seeing friends for the first time or taking their first 'little' steps into a new and exciting world it's time to wear their own personality. H&M's kidswear range is made from 100% organic cotton and is designed with sustainability in mind so both of you can feel great.

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