Who decided the world needed Hipster Santa?

Dashing through the inner city, on a fixed-gear bicycle…

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, sorry to break it to you – everything you know about Santa is about to go out the window.

The man in red has shed some pounds, ditched the ill-fitting (and far too hot for Aussie summer) woolly suit and swapped his present sack for a chic duffel bag. Yes, your worst fears have come to fruition. Santa has decided to follow in the footsteps of Joaquin Phoenix and become… a hipster.

There'll be no eggnog for this Santa - it's soy lattes all the way.

#HipsterSanta - he has a hashtag, natch - has set up shop in a new Sydney shopping centre, where he'll be snapping selfies with passers-by and hosting quaint decoration-making workshops.

The heavily bearded St Nick will also be adding his seal of approval, in the form of a 'Approved by Hipster Santa' tag, on purchases he deems "totes amaze". Presumably, that includes any socks and undies purchased for your dad's stocking.

According to the Central living mall, located within Central Park in Chippendale, this bearded fellow is the “contemporary answer to traditional Christmas", who prefers riding his fixie to wrangling reindeer.

He also has some stringent dietary specifications: “[D]on’t even think about leaving him out milk and cookies; he only accepts coconut water and gluten-free macarons.” That probably rules out the beer and rum balls, then.

Look, Hipster Santa may be 'totes cooler' - or whatever the cool saying for 'cool' is these days - than his traditional counterpart. But here at iVillage we prefer our Santas to be less concerned with facial hair maintenance and more focused on doling out the pressies. That's his job, after all.

Will you be paying a visit to Hipster Santa? 

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