Hipster baby names are now a thing. Brace yourself.

In a few years, Daycares that serve only cold-dripped formula and baby-paleo-protein balls will be full of kids called…

It’s official: the hipsters are taking over.

First they started judging our coffee orders, then they flooded our instagram feeds with perfectly-groomed beards and trendy-geek glasses. But now. NOW they are taking full ownership of the future generation.

They’re naming their children.

Soon the whole world will be brimming with little people named after vegetables or horrifically violent movies – with names like Kale and Django.

These are just two of the very cool (or ‘hip’ if you will) names that have made it into the top hipster baby names according to buzzfeed.

And there are so many more, just have a look: (Post continues after gallery)

These kids  are sure to be latte-sipping, beard-loving, instagram-filtering, bike-riding, glasses-wearing trend-setters in the future.

Watch out world, they’re coming for us.

What names would you add to this list?