Hillary Clinton supporter goes into labour. Doesn't let it stop her from voting.

A pregnant Colorado woman didn’t let going into labour stop her from voting for Hillary Clinton in the US election, giving birth shortly after dropping by a polling booth.

When Soshy Adelstein started having contractions on Friday, her partner was ready to drive her to the hospital, but not before they dropped into the county clerk and recorder’s office cast their vote ahead of the election day.

The 31-year-old from, Boulder, Colorado, made it to the hospital “in the nick of time” – giving birth to her daughter Bella Rose Brandel the next morning.

The couple at the county clerk and recorder's office, where Soshy is clearly in pain. (Image via CBS)

"I was excited to go. I took a breath when the contractions came and got my envelope in and all was good," she told CBS4.

"Things got really intense after we left. We literally made it just in the nick of time.


"Ecstatic about this little amazing being. Everything was totally worth it."

Her partner, Max Brandel, said the pair wanted to vote before they got to the hospital in case there wasn't time afterwards.

Baby Bella Rose Brandel wasn't going to wait. (Image via CBS)

"We planned to go vote on Friday morning, she was having contractions, I said, "do you want to go vote?" And she said "yeah sure"," Max told Daily Mail Online.

"We're both liberal progressive-minded people and just believe in progress and having a woman lead the free world is such a win for humanity," he said.

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