Thanks to Hillary Clinton, the humble pantsuit is every woman's next purchase.

Hillary Clinton might not have been elected the next President of the United States of America today.

But she’s been responsible for an unexpected trend skyrocketing as a result of the global election coverage: pantsuits.

Everyone wants to own a pantsuit like Hillary Clinton.

According to e-commerce platform Lyst, searches for women’s pantsuits have grown by a whopping 460 per cent since January. That’s an average of 24 per cent a month.

Experts have no doubt that there’s one simple explanation for this (duh): Hillary.

Happy birthday, President Obama.

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Not only is she in the process of smashing a gargantuan glass ceiling, she’s also single-handedly made a once dowdy fashion item the powerful outfit every woman wants to wear again.

Not surprising, given how well she rocks a pantsuit with personality. There’s even a brilliant dedicated ‘street style’ Instagram account ‘@hillarystreetstyle’ charting Clinton’s style influence.


Eschewing the go-to traditional black or grey that usually dominates the corporate wardrobe, over the years we’ve seen Clinton in just about every colour possible.

From blue and pink and red to green, yellow and even orange, it’s nothing short of a rainbow. What we’d give to take a peek inside her wardrobe…


During the campaign trail, the focus has been on the very patriotic shades of red, white and blue.

However there’s one colour that’s really caused a stir.

All Kauveri wanted for her seventh birthday was to meet Hillary (and a Star Wars Lego set). She got both!

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Before the Democratic National Convention in July, white pantsuits ranked fourth in popularity.

Florida in the rain.

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After Clinton wore one to accept the party nomination they took top spot, outranking black pantsuits which had held the lead by seven per cent.

“The interest in white pantsuits in particular has certainly confounded expectations especially as we usually see a seasonal dip for white colorways across every category,” Lyst editorial director Katherine Ormerod told The New York Times.

Like this if you’re proud to be on this team—all the way to the White House. #VPDebate

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She wore one again during the third and final Presidential debate.

The item has become a symbol of support for the presidential candidate, with plenty of voters donning their pantsuit for Hillary in the lead up to Election Day and even while they vote.

Don’t own one?

Here are our four favourite pantsuits to purchase now.

1.LXE Culottes, $199.95 and blazer, $299.95


Image: LXE

2. Topshop Tailored Suit Jacket and Trousers, around $160


Image: Topshop

3. ASOS Slim Tailored Crepe Suit in Rose Pink, $82 + $55

4. H&M white suit pants, $34.99, and jacket, $39.95.


Image: H&M


5. Bianca Spender Burgundy Silk Jacket and Pants, $425 + $625


Image: Bianca Spender

6. ASOS Relaxed Workwear Suit, $75 + $98


Image: ASOS

Image: Getty.

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