No, Hillary Clinton is not "too old" to be President.

Hillary Clinton is a Presidential candidate. That shouldn’t make her a target for sexism or ageism.

Hillary Clinton is in the running to be the leader of the free world. But alongside the race to be the Democratic nominee for President of the USA, will be another race. A race to the bottom – with the entrants being ageism and sexism.

I suspect there can’t be a winner because the two are so entwined they may as well be tied together in a three-legged race.

Hillary Clinton is 67. If she wins the White House she will become President aged 69.  That’s going to be a big issue.

American shock jock Rush Limbaugh set the scene for some ugliness some time ago when he asked listeners if people really want to “watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis”.

More recently his fill in Erick Erickson asked “will she be able to be pull back her face?”

This charming man also posted a picture of a beached whale in response to Clinton’s nomination announcement and tweeted a joke abut her needing a scooter for the elderly:
The influential conservative site ‘Drudge Report’ enjoyed running a photo of an older looking Hillary Clinton with the headline ‘Grandma Hillary’. The New York Post has run a piece calling her an ‘ageing hoofer’ and The Daily Mail has even made a most helpful video of her ageing over the years:

Australia’s own Daily Telegraph had a headline ‘Hillary’s in with a chance… providing she can keep her mouth shut’.  Already on Twitter I’ve seen jokes about Hillary being menopausal, about her vagina and about her cheating spouse. We won’t give them any oxygen here.

Hillary Clinton just announced her candidacy. And the misogynists are already out in full force.

The mocking of Hillary Clinton supporters has already begun as well. With jokes about how only stupid, fat women will vote for her. And feminists.  Or are they the same thing?

There’s no doubt Hillary Clinton is a polarising figure. There is much excitement about her running especially from women – celebrities such as Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham have come out in great support.

Clinton attracts passion and love, yet also great hatred and fury. Perhaps this is why she has announced her bid for nomination with a low key video where she only appears after cute kids, a pregnant woman, two same sex couples, a retiree, a bloke in a factory and a naughty dog.

So is her age a factor?

It’s true that America’s last three Presidents have been aged in their 40s and 50s when they took office. Yet, the Republican’s great hero remains Ronald Reagan who became President only days before his 70th birthday. Perhaps there’s a legitimate debate to be had about age if Clinton has two terms in office she will 77. But so what? If she’s healthy who cares. Grannies should be able to rule and here’s why.

Women live longer than men and stay healthier longer.

Secondly, Hillary Clinton is a baby boomer who will represent an ageing population. By 2030 nearly 20 percent of Americans will be over 65.

Thirdly the woman has formidable strength and energy.

Hillary meeting Nelson Mandela in 2012.

Last year I read her tome ‘Hard Choices’ which tells of her travels as Secretary of State when she was aged 61 to 65. In that time Hillary Clinton set a cracking pace, clocking up nearly one million miles and visiting 112 countries. Yes, she had a fainting spell and a fall in 2012, but that sort of travel would almost kill most of us.

Hillary Clinton could be the first female President of the United States.

The flip side of Hillary’s Clinton’s age is her greatest asset.  Experience. She has experience as a lawyer, as a First Lady, as a Senator and as Secretary of State.

In all jobs she has shown she is tough, dogged, self-disciplined and has tireless energy. She is a competent seasoned professional who is strong in body, mind and spirit. Her intellect is formidable, analytical and systematic .

Hillary Clinton is also unrelenting in her championship of women in America and overseas. Indeed, as Secretary of State she made many a world leader’s eyes roll back as she set out to make opportunities for women and girls part of development work.  She believes human rights are women’s rights and that women have their own reproductive rights.

Of course Hillary Clinton is not perfect but she should be respected.

Kickarse career advice from Hillary Clinton (that you haven’t heard before).

She is trying to smash the highest glass ceiling In America. She is showing us that women are still relevant, smart and important past the age of 60. It’s also inspiring to see a woman rise after putting them aside her own ambitions for so long to help a rather fallible husband attain the top job. Let’s not forget she kept her dignity when Bill Clinton lost his.

I’m not saying Hillary Clinton should be given the job because it’s her time. Or because she’s a woman. Or because she’s 69. I just want a fair battle about policy and not her pantsuits, wrinkles, weight, scrunchies, grey hair and grandmother status.

Take a look at Hillary through the years. Getting shit done. Not ageing: