Hillary Clinton shares a kick-arse, pro-vaccination tweet.

Future potential US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has entered the vaccination “debate” — in the most excellent way.

Future potential US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is pro-vaccination,pro-science, and pro-common sense.

Former First Lady Clinton, 67, shared her staunch support for vaccines (and common sense… and science…) in a tweet shared overnight, which read in part: “#vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids”.

The recent grandmother (her daughter with former US president, Chelsea Clinton, had her first baby in September) shared the sentiment just hours after the New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said parents should be granted some element of control over what vaccinations their children get.

The full tweet read:

And right there, ladies and gentlemen, is everything you need to know about the vaccination “debate”.

You go, Hillary.

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