We need to tell our daughters about the importance of Hillary Clinton's nomination.

Hillary Clinton this week made US history by becoming the first woman ever to secure the Democratic Party nomination.

Although supporter of Bernie Sanders have been outspoken, and Sanders was confident that he would win over California in the primaries, by the time 40% of the vote had been counted after the polls were closed, Hillary stood at 59.7% to Bernie’s 39.3%, showing that, as usual, the opinion polls were well off the mark.

I don’t pretend to understand US politics, and frankly I’ve been avoiding it as much as I can, although it is obviously extremely difficult in an election year. Not so much out of a lack of understanding (seriously though, it makes my brain feel like it’s imploding), but more because it’s rather terrifying to see how many ignorant, bigoted, racist, homophobic, trans-phobic, misogynistic, violent, and anti-socialist citizens there are in the US of A. Considering that the US is a world leader, it’s just mystifying how an utter moron such as Donald Trump can garner so much support, and genuinely be in the running to lead the free world.

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Surely it can be expected that any US presidential nominee, or really anyone, anywhere in the world in the running for a position of power, be of the highest possible calibre? I know that I want my world leaders to be not only highly intelligent, but also progressive, compassionate, accepting, and fair, all qualities which elude Trump and let’s face it, the entire Republican Party.

Enough about Trump though, and Sanders too for that matter. I really want to write about Hillary, and what this historic moment means for women the world over.

I really want to write about Hillary, and what this historic moment means for women the world over.(Original image: Getty)

Whilst I am fist pumping Hillary’s Democratic nomination, I have also been dreading this day. I’m dreading the fact that even if she makes it all the way to the Oval Office, the misogyny and sexism won’t stop there. The media is still going to choose to report on her personal life, her fashion choices, her hairstyle, and her age, rather than the things that actually matter. I fear that in the history books, Hilary Clinton will be remembered more for her pantsuits, scrunchies, and standing by her infamously cheating husband than she will for her policies or for becoming the first female POTUS.

I actually didn’t plan to write anything on this subject, but having seen absolutely zero positive articles about Hillary’s victory, I was left seething and compelled to say something. Not to say there isn’t any positivity; I haven’t sought out news sources, but I was very surprised to see so much actual negativity on many of the popular feminist pages I follow. Feministing for example:

“We don’t think it’s the feminist milestone many claim it to be.” Wow. So after forty-three male presidents (forty-two of them rich and white), it isn’t a milestone that for the first time, a woman is in the running? Whether or not you support her, Hillary Clinton is leading the way for hopefully many more female presidents and proving to our daughters that they can in fact rise to the very highest positions of power in the world.

As the mother of a seven year old daughter, this to me is the most important part of Hillary’s nomination. Up until now, the only way women have been able to live in the White House is to be married to the president. Aspiring to be the First Lady may have been enough in years gone by, but I’m thrilled that the next generation of girls will know that they can do anything, and become whatever they aspire to be – not just marry it.

I have long been an admirer of Hillary, although I do not necessarily agree with all of her politics, and I do agree that she isn’t as progressive as I would like. The fact remains though that the nation the rest of the world looks to - rightly or wrongly - for guidance is very likely to have a female president*, and that is a feminist milestone.

*At least we hope, because the other option is absolutely disastrous.

Do you think Hillary's nomination is a win for feminism?

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