Hillary Clinton just announced her candidacy. And the misogynists are already out in full force.

It’s less than 24 hours since Hillary Rodham Clinton announced her bid for US presidential candidacy — and already, the haters are out in full force.

Almost immediately after Hillary Clinton posted a video announcing she will run as a Democratic candidate for the 2016 US Presidency, the detractors started yelling that she wasn’t trustworthy enough, sexy enough or quiet enough.

hillary clinton election news
Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced she will run as a Presidential candidate for the Democrat party. Image: Getty.

“Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington machine: the arrogance of power, corruption and cover-up, conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic results,” a promotional video for Republican candidate from Kentucky Rand Paul stated.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Jeb Bush of Florida has started a fundraising effort to stop Hillary and her powerful supporters by pledging funds to counter her campaign.

hillary clinton election news
Hillary’s fans are out, but so are her haters. Image: Getty.

“Moments ago Hillary Clinton officially announced her White House bid – and it’s up to us to stop her,” he wrote on Facebook. “This isn’t going to be easy, but if you’re committed to stopping Hillary, then I need you to add your name now.”

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Perhaps those sort of jabs can be expected from the opposing political party — but it wasn’t just politicians making a racket.

The tabloids also jumped on board with a few barbs of their own. The New York Post ran with this on their front page:

Then there was this charming headline: “Hillary Clinton is in with a chance… providing she can keep her mouth shut.”


Beyond that, Hillary’s logo has attracted an unexpected amount of criticism. The ‘H’ with an arrow has already sparked 9/11 conspiracy theories, and been compared to something that might come out of the Microsoft Office Suite.


One right-wing media commentator posted this Instagram response to Clinton’s announcement:


A bit cryptic, but he confirms on his website that the painting is a metaphor for Clinton’s campaign: “already a beached whale waiting to explode filled with the hot air of a bunch of consultants not fit to work for Team Obama.”

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Finally, no group of haters would be complete without the guys who just straight up don’t like women.


As Treasurer Joe Hockey forewarned this morning, Clinton won’t have an easy road ahead. Let’s hope, at least, that we’ve come a long way since this happened…

What do you think about Hillary Clinton running for Presidential election?