Hilary Duff shared a picture of her lunch on Instagram, and her fans are furious.

Today Hilary Duff did what many an Instagram user has done before her: she posted a picture of her lunch. But rather than ‘drools’ or ‘yum’ or ‘nom nom’, the comments were instead littered with outright outrage.

So what was this offensive meal?

It was fish. Two fish, actually. Two fish that she caught herself. With a spear.

The Younger star, who is currently on a tropical holiday with her partner, Jason Walsh, proudly posted her catch with the caption: “Caught this today spear fishing!!! the only reason I don’t feel terrible is because I’m eating it for lunch”.


While some applauded her haul, there were plenty of comments telling her to “go vegan” and that they felt “super sad for the fish”.

“But you could eat anything, you didn’t need to kill them,” one follower wrote.

“I’m a vegan and I’ve always loved you… my heart is divided with this pic,” posted another.

Then, “She killed two innocent fish but she’s eating it, so it’s okay? They didn’t want to die for her lunch!”

And this: “The only moment it’s ok to kill an animal if it is your only way to survive. Obv being a millionaire you will survive regardless.”

And: “I’d like to catch you and eat you.”

Wait… What?!


Of course, plenty of the 29-year-old’s other followers came to her defence, and some even managed to do so without hating on the vegans.

The following came from a level-headed vegetarian:

“I don’t eat meat/fish myself, but it’s wonderful to see that you’ll be eating these fish yourself and are appreciating where they came from!”

Sadly though, a helluva lot of comments on the post weren’t about the fish at all. Because bikini.

Yeah, don’t worry – we shan’t be quoting those here.

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