A 7-year-old brought home a stern note from 'school'. It's the best thing you'll ever read.

Schools send a number of very important and serious notes home to parents. Sometimes, it’s about the outbreak of nits taking over classroom 3C.

Sometimes, they are about the upcoming school country carnival (“Don’t forget your sports uniform and joggers, kids!”) or the date presentation night.

And sometimes it’s important to let a child’s parents know when they are falling behind in a particular class.

That’s what happened when seven-year-old Nathan was sent home from school with a very important, totally legit note.

You see, Nathan’s parents needed to be told he was “doing good” in all of his classes except for one…the all important “VIDEO GAME CLASS”.

school video games note
Looks...legit. Image via Imgur.

Nathan presented his parents with the NOT AT ALL FAKE note from his school, who swiftly uploaded it to Imgur where it's now been viewed a whopping 1.4 million times.

You have to give little Nathan credit for trying, right?

In the note, Nathan's 'school' writes that he needs to stay up all night "studying" for his video game class.

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"If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!!"

(Gosh, three exclamation points. This is really serious.)

"Start letting him stay up all night and start tonight! He can play anything, computer, Wii, iPod, iPad, and any other electronick (sic)."

And to further prove that the note was entirely seriously, it was signed off a "From, The School".

We're hoping Nathan's parents at least gave him an A+ for effort and let him stay up a little past his bedtime to "study" for the all-important class.

What's the funniest note your child has brought home from school? Tell us in the comments below!