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You can give up now. A uni student already has the world's best Christmas photo of 2016.


If you thought you were going to make a hilarious Christmas card to send to your friends and family this year then give up.

One 22-year-old college student has already won and you can go back home.

After being single for a number of years, John Olmstead decided to laugh along with it, rather than – you know – be incredibly sad during the festive season.

It looks pretty normal right here:

But then we get hit with the real deal, and it's even better:

Embracing his singledom is something that he quite enjoys doing, Olmstead admitted when he was interviewed by Buzzfeed.

"I’ve been single for so long, so I think its [sic] hilarious to make myself look even more single," he said.

"Usually the guy would be wearing the guy pants and shoes, but my arms are too skinny to look like legs in tights so I said, ‘Screw it,’ and jammed my feet into those boots."

And, by the response on his photo, it seems like lots of people can relate.

If you're also looking for more Christmas-related enjoyment from Olmstead, then you should check out his hilarious video:

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