Mum has the best reaction to her kids going back to school. Becomes internet sensation.

We may be smack-bang in the middle of a school term in Australia, but that doesn’t mean mums can’t relate to the glorious feeling of sending their kids back to school.

Sure, school holidays can be great.

Who doesn’t love spending time with the kids, as a family, perhaps even going on a few trips, frantically Googling ‘cheap things to do with kids’ and OH GOD IT IS RAINING AND WE ARE NOW TRAPPED INSIDE AS A FAMILY.

So it’s no surprise that when Alabama mum 31-year-old Jena Willingham, sent her kids back to school after a long summer break, she was pretty excited.

A photo she posted to Facebook sharing her thoughts has now been shared over 16,000 times.

In it, Jena relaxes in her pool, drink in hand, while her kids get ready for school.

“Happy First Day of School everyone!” she captioned the hilarious snap.

In an interview with PEOPLE Magazine, Jena said her kids – Wrangler, 11, Emmy, 7, and Sykes, 4 – had been “driving her crazy” all summer.

“[They’ve been] fighting over chargers and iPads all summer,” she said.

“I kept telling them I was going to have a pool day all by myself when they went to school because it’s the first time in 11 years I won’t have a kid home.

“I was counting down to school, I deserve a break!”

Have you ever seen a more joyful mum? Image via Facebook.

In true busy mum style, Jena also admitted she had to snap the picture the day before her kids returned to school, because in the chaos of getting the kids dressed and fed she wouldn't have been able to capture her joyous moment.

Fellow mums have been posting just how relatable Jena's picture is.

"Too funny! I love that you can joke about it and give us all a good laugh!" Wendy Brandon commented.

"Best back to school pic yet!"

"THIS IS GOING TO BE ME!" another woman wrote.

Here's to you, Jena. We hope you enjoy your newfound freedom.

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