All the hidden details you may have missed in your favourite movies.


There’s nothing better than gathering together your snacks and your small doggos, and rewatching one of your favourite movies.

But even if you’ve watched a movie approximately 78548358 times, you might still miss some of the details.

Filmmakers often leave lil’ subtle hints or personal jokes throughout movies – and once you spot them they change the way you see the movie forever.

Here’s a few little hidden movie gems to blow your goddamn minds:

The kids were eating ‘Cheeri-Owls’ in Harry Potter

hidden movie details
Harry Potter's Cheeri-Owls. Image via Universal Studios.

The creators of the Harry Potter franchise loved paying attention to the smaller details.


They even had custom owl-themed cereal boxes made called 'Cheeri-Owls' for the kids to eat in the dining hall at Hogwarts.


Kevin was never getting on that plane in Home Alone


Yep... it was all a lie.

In the opening scene of Home Alone, Kevin spills milk all over the family's plane tickets and passports.

When the dad is cleaning up the mess, he accidentally throws out Kevin's ticket.


Buzz's girlfriend wasn't actually a 'girl' in Home Alone

hidden movie details
Buzz's, erm, girlfriend. Image via Universal Pictures.

When he's accidentally left behind to fend for himself over the holidays, Home Alone's Kevin goes through his brother's belongings.

He comes across a photo of Buzz's girlfriend and exclaims 'woof'.

Apparently the director, Christopher Colombus, thought it would be inappropriate to use a photo of a real girl for this scene, so he got his own son to dress up as one instead.

The results are... interesting.

Twin Pines Mall became Lone Pine Mall in Back to the Future

hidden movie details
Clever. Image via Universal Pictures.

This is... clever.


When Marty goes back in time, he runs over one of TWO pine trees on Old Man Peabody's lawn.

When he returns to his time the mall's name has changed from Twin Pines Mall to Lone Pine Mall.

Pennywise is hiding in a mural in the remake of "It".

hidden movie details

In the remake of Stephen King's 'It', Pennywise can be seen hiding in a mural behind some of the kids.

He later disappears when Mike sees his vision of the burning hands.

Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are tied together with one conversation


The DVD cover for the Princess Bride is tricky... very, very tricky

Via Reddit/Movie Details


In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker finds a 'strong focus'

hidden movie details
Image via Columbia Pictures.

In the Spider-Man sequel, Peter Parker says he needs a 'strong focus' then he jumps off a building and lands on a Ford Focus... which doesn't get damaged in the fall because it's strong, y'all.