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Emma Watson and Prince Harry go on 'secret dates'. The world loses its mind.

Did Hermione end up with Harry after all?

Straight from the wildest dreams of every Harry Potter fan, a report has surfaced today that actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson is ‘secretly dating’ Prince Harry (the Windsor one. Not the Prince of the Wizarding World).

Yes. We know. We reacted the same way:

According to Woman’s Day, after learning of Emma’s spilt with her British Rugby player boyfriend, Harry sent her a ‘short email’ indicating that he would ‘like to get to know her’ and inviting her to a party.

Yes, an email. According to an “insider”, he chose email because “he didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot”. Also, “a party…show’s he’s fun and not stuffy”.

Harry Potter fans are shocked by this breach of romance protocol: Whatever happened to the days of letters sent lovingly by Owl Post? A race through the Forbidden Forest with your beloved? A visit to Madame Puddifoot’s Teashop on Valentines Day? A teary kiss in the Room of Requirement because your other boyfriend just died? #RomanceIsDead

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According to the magazine, Emma agreed to the date, but “brought 12 friends along to make her feel more comfortable”. Harry clearly wasn’t put off that Emma brought along two Quidditch teams worth of people for their date, with an insider saying, “he’s smitten – and it’s more than Emma’s looks.”

Um, of course it’s more than her looks, Harry. She’s the best wizard in her year (not to mention a remarkable actor and feminist).

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OK, so this isn’t the The Daily Prophet, but we’re not one hundred percent sure that this story is legit. But hey – that’s never stopped the wizarding community (and the internet) from losing its mind before.

So, is Emma really dating Prince Harry? Really?

We’ll leave the last word to Hermione herself: