Here's how the new Dancing with the Stars contestants are shaping up.

Now, that’s dancin’.

Tonight is the premiere of the new season of Dancing with the Stars, and you can bet we’re beside ourselves to see a former Bachelor, an OK cook and Larry Emdur shake their groove thangs.

They’re also pretty excited, judging by their Instagram posts.

The new batch have been hard at work rehearsing their moves and documenting each new achievement.


Paralympian Kelly Cartwright rehearsing in the dance studio. Image via Instagram.

This year, the line-up is (we’ll include a description, in case you’ve never heard of them).

Larry Emdur – newly muscled morning TV host and all-round stand-up guy.

Ash Pollard – former My Kitchen Rules contestant and owner of impressive curls.

We have no idea what dance this could possibly be.

Mat Rogers – former NRL star, mental health ambassador and child-naming genius (his child Maxwell’s middle name is actually Danger. It’s just… it’s so good).

Jude Bolton – retired AFL player and one half of the show’s first husband and wife competitors.

Lynette Bolton – wife of Jude, self-described “zen mother”, and star of something called WAG Nation.

Tim Robards – former bachelor. Now has a girlfriend.

Tim Robards thought he was on Balloon Art with the Stars. Image via Instagram.

It’s going to be just like this, you guys… Post continues after video.


John Paul Young – pop star most famous for singing Love is in the Air on Strictly Ballroom.

Samantha Harris – very gorgeous model.

Kelly Cartwright – amputee and Paralympian runner who can run, and let’s face it, dance, heaps better than you.

Emma Freedman – radio and TV presenter and sparkly person.

Emma Freedman is nicking this skirt. Image via Instagram.

Matthew Mitcham – Olympic diver and face of Funky Trunks.

What do you think of the line-up? Are you going to watch the premiere?

Check out our full Instagram gallery of stars, dancing.

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