Here is the Sex & The City Movie trailer. Carrie is wearing a black bra and a flower bigger than her head. Not much has changed it seems…..

I can’t decide whether I’m interested to see this movie or not. When SATC finished, I was a bit bummed and I didn’t love the final episodes. I found Carrie had become stupid and needy and really rather pathetic in Paris with that silly Russian who treated her like dirt. Somehow, the whole thing was anti-climactic. I’d stopped cheering for Carrie – let alone identifying with her – and started to just want to smack her a little bit and say STOP WHINING AND BEING SO SELF-CONSCIOUSLY WHIMSICAL.

And then….and then, in the aftermath, so much came out about the none-too-cosy relationship between Kim Catrall and the others and it all just got a bit…spoilt for me. So my care factor was low when I heard that the movie was happening.

Now that I see the trailor though…the fashion looks good and it all looks kinda glossy and fun and maybe I will go see it. There’s something rather iconic about SATC for women around my age. I wonder if it will be like Baby Boomers going to see The Rolling Stones doing those endless world tours in their sixties, trying to recapture the magic?

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