The unconventional way these mums are helping fundraise for disabled kids.

For some mums, having nine toddlers wade in a small pool of baked beans is the stuff of nightmares.

But for a group of mums in the UK, it was a godsend.

Jump Space is a facility which provides disabled babies and toddlers, as well as their siblings, with fun activities that involve sensory based play and specially adapted equipment. Every Tuesday, the families meet and encourage their children to get very, very messy.

In a recent fundraiser, a playgroup that meets in the space came up with the idea of Bean’y Babies, which involved a paddling pool full of baked beans. Nine babies, between the ages of 3 months to 14 months, dived in. The play evokes multiple senses – smell, touch, sight, and of course, taste.

Mamamia spoke to one mum, Laura, who said that her child, Henry Teddy, was trying to throw himself in head first. Another baby, Archie, “was loving it, eating as many beans as he possibly could!” Others were said to stay in for more than ten minutes, enjoying the texture and the taste.

Laura did concede that getting the babies out was very messy, but the mums didn’t mind – it was nothing a few “sink baths, wet wipes, well done snacks and a jet washed pool” couldn’t fix.

The fundraising event raised more than $600 through their fundraising page Bean’y Babies.

The money will go towards Jump Space, which provides specialist Trampolining, Rebound Therapy and Active/Sensory Play to children and young people across the whole spectrum of disability as well as acting as a social hub for parents and carers.

Scroll through this gallery to see some of the best moments from the day. Warning: You may experience cuteness overload.

If you would like to donate to Jump Space you can visit their fundraising page, here.

Mia Freedman discusses whether or not it’s mothers need to play with their babies. 

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