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VIDEO: Tips for helping a partner with PTSD (from a woman who's been there.)

“If you can, hang in there. Stick with them.”

Deb Swain has investigated the abuse of children and served on the front-line as a police officer – so fair to say, she’s a tough woman.

But she’s also a woman whose husband suffered from chronic depression and post traumatic stress disorder. She spent years standing by his side to see him come back to health.

This is their story.

What are the signs of PTSD? 

You can view the signs of PTSD here.

Deb’s husband, Allan Sparkes, said he purposefully kept his depression from her.

With the beauty of hindsight, she says she can now see the signs.

Deb and Allan sailed around the world to release the baggage he felt from his PTSD.

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