Hello, I am a Louis Vuitton shoe called Spicy. How much do you think I cost?

Louis Vuitton Spicy shoe


I assume you get two for this price but this is the fashion industry we're talking about so who can be certain. It looks a lot like something a five year old might make in craft. Lots of cutting and gluing of random objects.
And that's exactly how it was conceived. A UK newspaper reports:

"Its birth was at about three in the morning, with Marc [Jacobs]
cutting up bits of snake, leather, leopard and ribbon, and the design
team making masks to put on the front. Nearly every pair in the show
was unique, which I think people also like."

there are umpteen variations on the Spicy (prices range from £700 to
£2,040) ensures the customer feels that she is buying something really
special: a one-off (almost) that not every other rich bitch will

"I think it's popular because it's such a great shoe – it's really fun
and jolly, and is a proper work of art," says Katie Grand, editor of
Love magazine and stylist for Louis Vuitton. The unique
element is a big selling point, particularly in an era of mass-produced
fashion. That high street stores churn out identikit accessories is a
no-brainer, but with the economy as it is, designer brands cannot
afford to be quite so unimaginative.

The brands that weather the
downturn will, arguably, be those that go the extra mile, supplying
items with that indefatigable "X" factor.

Madonna wore it in the current Louis Vuitton campaign and now the fashion sheep have followed her faster than you can say baaaa.


Victoria Beckham in Louis Vuitton Spicy shoes


Model Heidi Klum in Louis Vuitton's Spicy shoes attends the celebration for the grand opening of Victoria's Secret

UK socialite Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung attends the Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear show in Paris wearing Louis Vuitton Spicy shoes

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny wearing Louis Vuitton shoes in Miami
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