Helen Mirren gets public transport like only Helen Mirren could.

We already know Helen Mirren is a dame among women.

Just look at the 69-year-old living legend’s glorious, famous face. She is elegance, personified.

Of all the places in New York City that you might expect to see a dame, THE SUBWAY is not one. The opera? Yes. The ballet? Sure. Staring wistfully into the snow as she boards a horse-drawn carriage? Obviously. But not the subway.

Dame Helen Mirren made news errywhere when she took her glorious face and the rest of her glorious self ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT the other day.

Yet, shockingly, here she is. Just casually being the most elegant human being to ride the NY subway since Mariah Carey did it in a ball gown.

She just looks so composed and regal. On the subway.

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And apparently this is not the first time the 69-year-old has opted for the public route. Turns out she’s been spotted many, many times before by fellow (awe-struck and disbelieving) travellers:

Helen Mirren, #IllRideWithYou. I’ll ride with you any day, any time.

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