Heidi, must you?
In my post below in which I bitch about celebrities making it IMPOSSIBLE for the rest of us to be at peace with our back fat (and front fat) in the post-partum period, I mentioned that Heidi Klum had appeared on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk IN HER UNDERPANTS an appalling 3 weeks after giving birth.
In the comments, S asked if that was true or just an exaggeration. Good question.

So I asked Mr Google and discovered that alas, to my extreme journalistic disgrace, it was not true.
IT WAS 8 WEEKS AFTER GIVING BIRTH. Which is so much better. The shot above is from that actual parade. I look a lot like that now as I parade around the house, 6 weeks post-partum. You?
More importantly, do you think she’s wearing a maternity pad in those knickers?

Nice of Seal to come along and sing supportively.

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