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Heidi Klum's dad filmed her giving birth. Four times.

She thought it was much better to be her dad than a complete stranger.

Look, we all know that giving birth can get pretty messed up. But you know what would be even more messed up?

If, while you’re labouring, your dad’s down the business end, filming the action on a handy cam.

That’s exactly what supermodel, Heidi Klum had her dad, Gunther Klum, do for each of her four (count ’em) births.

Heidi and her dad Gunther. He looks less enthused than she does. Image via Twitter.

She told the UK The Times Magazine that she wanted to record the moments of her children’s birth for posterity.

“I want to have a film for my kids. If they don’t want to see it, we can throw it away… I wanted [former husband] Seal by my side, not filming,” she said.

“And I don’t want to hire someone I don’t know. Like, ‘Hey, can you film this?’”

No, because that would be weird.

Family ties: Heidi Klum with her parents Gunther and Erna. Image via Twitter.

“I had no problem with my dad doing it at all. I’m his kid. He made me! So he can watch my kids being born. To me that is totally normal.”

Watch a pregnant Heidi talk about her children.

Klum’s mum, Erna, has said that she and her husband love being in the birthing suite with their daughter.

“We are very close. Heidi and her husband let us be a part of their lives, and a lot of young people don’t do that any more. Seeing your daughter giving birth to your grandchildren is an incredibly special moment that glues you together in a different way,” she told Good Housekeeping in 2011.

Would you have your dad film you give birth? Or anyone, for that matter?

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