Celeb in 5: Thursday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

Hello, beautiful reader friends.

Is there any better way to reward yourself for (basically) making it to the end of the week? We think not.

Without further ado, here’s what’s making entertainment news this Thursday.

1. We are not worthy of Heidi and Spencer Pratt’s pregnancy photo shoot.

In case you missed the all-important memo, former Hills stars (can you call them stars?) Heidi and Spencer Pratt are expecting their first baby, and in honour of their impending arrival have posed for some completely OTT couple shots.

With puppies and crowns and bodies of water… obviously.

God, love ’em.

Loves of my life

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Winter is Coming ???? @maddiecordoba ???? @radstella ???? @kendyyy ???? @cakedbycatt

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The couple (who have been married since way back in the Myspace stone age of 2009) are due sometime in the next couple of weeks.

2. Why Rob Mills will never, ever, ever be on The Kyle and Jackie O Show again.

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So, Rob Mills had a pretty average time last time he visited the Kyle and Jackie O show which is a revelation to… no one.

In an interview with Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny, the singer and actor said the radio duo forced him to take part in a segment that actually makes us feel like our lunches are coming back up.

“The do a thing called ‘Scary-oke’, which is a show on American television,” he said.

“They threw me in an ice bucket… they threw tuna fish pie in my face… they covered me in honey and feathers. I was like, ‘what the hell?!’”

Combine this with the fact Mills doesn’t even eat fish and you’ve got a yourself quite an unhappy camper.

Oh! Wait. The producers gave him a towel and a shower after, so that makes up for the trouble.

Sort of. Not at all.

“I’ve not been on the show since,” he said.

Funny, that.

3. Marion Cotillard is blonde now and does anyone have a spare bottle of peroxide we can borrow?


Marion Cotillard has just showcased her new hairdo during Milan fashion week, and can we just say it is nothing short of some serious #hairgoals.

The Oscar-winning French actress, who is known for her dark natural hair, is now sporting with blonde hair, which she was photographed wearing in cornrows while in Milan in this week.

She paired the new look with a lime green suit and unsurprisingly looked great. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Safe to say whether brunette or blonde, Marion will still end up being ultimate hair inspo no matter what she does.

4. Uh, so, Jared Kushner is enrolled to vote as a woman…

melania trump fashion
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. (Image via Getty.)

If Donald Trump is so worried about voter fraud, he might want to have a good talking to his senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

It seems Ivanka's husband may have had some trouble filling out his electoral registration forms, as 2009 New York state voter information shows he is registered as a female.

Now, we've all filled out a form in a rush and written something wrong or ticked the wrong box at some point. So maybe that's what's happened here.


The White House declined to comment on the story first reported by Wired. So for now, we just don't know.

5. The newest face of Covergirl is 50 years older than expected and we're pumped.

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The era of stick-thin, young models reigning supreme may be slowly coming to an end - and Covergirl's latest brand ambassador selection is another beautiful step towards the Golden Age of Diversity.

The woman chosen as the latest Covergirl, who will front the beauty brand's campaigns, is 69-year-old model Maye Musk. With five decades of experience, she's certainly earned it.

"I'm so excited to say that I'm now officially a COVERGIRL! My three kids, ten grandchildren and I have had the hardest time trying to keep it a secret until today's big announcement," she wrote in a recent Instagram post.

The South African-born grandmother, who now lives in New York, shared a positive message with her followers.

"Who knew, after many years of admiring the gorgeous COVERGIRL models, that I would be one at 69 years of age? It just shows, never give up."

"Thank you COVERGIRL, for including me in your tribe of diversity. Beauty truly is for women of all ages, and I can’t wait to take you all along this amazing journey with me!"