The high heel video that went viral for calling out an uncomfortable truth.

Heels or no heels?

The first time I tried on high heels I was 13-years-old. Mum had left a pair out and I couldn’t help but shove my growing feet into their delicate straps.

I stood like a flamingo in roller skates, bow-legged and holding onto the lounge for support.

I turned to my friend and asked how I looked.

“They make your legs look slimmer,” she said.

I took a tentative step forward. Then another. Then another. After one crooked march, I took them off. I looked at the red marks on my feet. I looked at the shoes. I looked at my friend.

“I don’t think I like them.”

Two weeks ago we released a video about heels that earned almost 16 million views on Facebook, 53,000 likes and 148 thousand shares.

It went viral.

Not quite cat video viral, but the people of the internet were still very into it.

What it did was show a few funny comparisons between what happens when you wear heels and what happens when you leave them at home. The scenes were exaggerated, the clips short and yet, it struck an undeniable chord.

We all know that heels mostly devastate the toes and heel. (Source: Original.)

Why? Because high heels, no matter the brand, no matter the magical thing you shove in the back of them, no matter the price, are not always comfortable.

They may not litter your feet with band-aids like we so happily suggested but they certainly wouldn't be your go-to shoe for a trip to your local supermarket.

Let's not hate the heel. I'm not calling for a ban on shoes that go beyond two inches but let's all just recognise that sneakers on the bus and shoes in your purse is not ideal.

At least, not every day.