Heather from The Bachelor has found a new man.

Heather Maltman, heartbroken? Never.

A favourite contestant from this year’s The Bachelor, Heather Maltman hasn’t completely lost out in the love department. She may not have won Sam Wood’s heart but it looks like she’s won over someone else’s.

The 29-year-old appeared on Studio 10 this morning and said (very awkwardly) that she may be seeing someone.

Heather Maltman is looking loved up. Image via Getty.

While the former bachelorette is trying to be coy about who her new beau is, speculation has already begun. She posed on the red carpet at Sydney's Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival this week with a very attractive young man, actor Andrew Steel.

When questioned about him at the event, Heather said, "Yes, you would have seen him this evening. He’s quite sexy and now I’m getting all uncomfortable because he can probably hear this conversation."

All suspicions were confirmed this morning when Maltman was asked by Studio 10's hosts if she would be our next Bachelorette (after this season with Sam Frost).

Maltman replied, "I can't say that I am because I may be seeing a human being." She added that it's still, "very early."

Maltman was caught in the questioning headlights. Image via Studio Ten Youtube Screenshot.

The hosts perked up and asked if this meant she'd found a man.

"Yes, yes he's lovely," she said.

The newly loved-up Maltman went on to say that she'd got herself a 'pretty one'.

See the full interview here (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Studio 10

Our money is on Andrew Steel being her new love interest. And yes, we agree he is definitely a 'pretty' one.

There's just so much love in the Bachelor air right now we are woozy on it.

What do you think about the new romance?

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