Heather Maltman rapped on The Project. Was adorable.


The stranger she gets, the more we love her.

Heather Maltman, also known as ‘the funny and smart one Sam Wood definitely should’ve picked,’ has appeared on The Project.

The aspiring film-maker, actress actress and former The Bachelor contestant played guest host on the popular Network 10 show last night — and she had a musical surprise up her (less-sequinned-than-usual) sleeve.

Heather may not have won The Bachelor, but she’s won a hell of a lot of fans. (Screenshot: TEN)

While Heather was supposed to be on the show to chat about The Bachelor, she also ended up treating hosts Peter Hellier, Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly to an impromptu karaoke act.

The unexpected performance came after Hellier asked if Maltman had any karaoke favourites.

When Maltman revealed a secret love of rap artist Eminem, the hosts urged her to perform one of his songs… So she did.

Heather busted out an impromptu rendition of ‘The Real Slim Shady’. (Screenshot: TEN)

Maltman launched straight into a word-perfect rendition of The Real Slim Shady, adding in some improvised dance moves that we think were supposed to be rap-like.

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Video via Channel 10

Despite the clunky dancing, social media users pointed out that awkward, goofy charm was all part of Heather’s appeal.


A few even appealed for Channel Ten to give the bubbly brunette a permanent gig on The Project.

Heather also talked to The Project‘s hosts about The Bachelor himself, Sam Wood — revealing that she hadn’t stayed in touch with him since leaving the house.

“I think that’s more up to him [to make contact] considering he’s got a girlfriend now and I’m that girl he kissed at a party once,” Sydney-based Heather revealed.

Heather talked The Bachelor himself, Sam Wood – revealing that she hadn’t stayed in touch with him since leaving the house. (Screenshot: TEN)

She added that she was “pretty sure” Sam was now “ridiculously in love” with the unnamed show’s winner.

In a revelation that pleased Heather’s many fans, she also admitted she wouldn’t rule out becoming the next Bachelorette, Sam Frost-style.

Asked about the likelihood of that happening, she responded: “Potentially, you never know.”

Heather didn’t rule out becoming the next Bachelorette. (Screenshot: TEN)

#HeatherForBachelorette. Anyone else with us?

If you haven’t seen it yet, Heather has released her showreel on YouTube. And here it is:

The Bachelor finale airs on Thursday at 7.30pm on Network Ten. 

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