WATCH: The Bachelor's Heather gets paid to look at a burger. Must be single.

It’s a pretty tough role, but someone had to do it.

Heather Maltman, aspiring filmmaker and amateur actor who is currently attempting to be the best girlfriend of all of Sam Wood’s remaining picks on The Bachelor, has found her true calling in life, getting irrationally excited over a burger.

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The 29-year-old is starring in a McDonald’s commercial to promote their Monopoly campaign, where you can buy a burger and win lots of cash.

heather maltman acting
Look at that – acting.

Maltman is pictured for approximately one second in the 30-second advert, and nails her part. She sips from a cup, takes a sticker off her burger box and smiles.

You can watch the ad below. Post continues after video.


Nailed it. News.com.au are reporting that the ad was filmed sometime in July, after filming for The Bachelor ended. To us, this means nothing other than Heather needed some work after being cooped up in a mansion for months, but other news sites have a different theory.

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Apparently, Heather’s involvement in this commercial OBVIOUSLY means Heather doesn’t win the show, because health freak Sam would never be with someone who eats McDonald’s. If that’s the case, we hope Heather runs from the mansion back to her home, stopping for at least three cheeseburger meals on the way.

PS, if you want to see more of Heather’s acting, you can watch her show reel below:

Video via Heather Maltman
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