'My humans got me a $30 heated pet bed. Then Paris the poodle tried to steal it from me.'

My Names Gizmo, I am a hairless Chinese Crested. That’s right, HAIRLESS. No hair, none, zip, nuda (okay, maybe a little bit on my ears).

I know I'm pretty.

I was born this way, before you give me any of your pity, and I am proud of my hairlessness.

Though there are a couple of downsides to being a naked pooch.

The first is that I get super cold. My favourite place is either chilling in front of the heater in winter, cuddled up with my fur friends or under the blankets.

The other is having to wear ridiculous outfits. My owners have bought me them all. Hawaiian shirts, princess dresses, sunflower tops, striped pyjamas. But the worst of all is the onsie!
I hate all of them. Dogs don’t need to be dressed up like a taco!


Seriously, Mum? Seriously. 

You get the picture. It’s totally embarrassing. What kind of dog does this make me in the world. Especially when they take me for walks to the dog park. You can only imagine the looks I get from the other pooches at the park while I'm have my puppy-chino.

So, one day I sat and pondered. How could we eradicate these awful outfits for good? Someone should get one of those “electric blanket” things just for dogs. And then BAM!

My life changed forever.

My humans bought me this HEATED DOG BED! And it was only 30 bucks! Who would have thought they could have been so in tune to my thoughts?

That’s my fur friend, Paris. Obviously trying to mooch in on my fab new heated bed.


All they had to do was take it out of the pack, plug it in for 15 minutes and next thing you know this puppy was in a little cocoon of warmth. Literally, because it has super fluffy high walls made of a lovely plush material.

No more having to wear stupid outfits, cuddle up to the poodle who licks me all the time or having to hide under the blankets missing out on TV.

Tail Waggers heated pet bed (that should really be dog bed! Who wants a stinky cat in their bed?) is the best thing since tennis balls.

And you know what? These guys have been around for 11 years so they must know what they’re doing. It’s got a special foam core to support this precious pup, a fleecy cover and it heats gently to sooth a pet and improve their wellbeing.

This is me trying to share with Paris. Emphasis on the 'trying'. 

I give this dog bed four paws up. Now, I am off to burn those hideous outfits and guard my bed from the sneaky poodle. The Heated Pet Bed with Walls by Tail Waggers is $22.99.

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