Three incredible photos have shown the true Olympic spirit.

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are only four days in, and there are already three iconic photos that have perfectly captured the awesome power of the united nations of sport.

The latest is an image showing two cultures coming together on the famous Cococabana Beach.

Egypt’s Doaa Elghobashy, 19, wears a hijab, leggings and long sleeves for her first Olympic games competing in beach volleyball, while her German rival Kira Walkenhorst is clad in a small two-piece costume.

The poignant image went viral, showing a contrast between the cultural norms of two nations and the very different sets of ingrained social expectations for the appearance of women – during sport or otherwise.

It also shows two kick-ass athletes reaching with unbroken focus toward the same ball, the same goal. The same victory.


In another photo, Korea’s warring North and South converged on the Olympic sidelines in a beautiful candid moment.

Rival gymnasts Hong Un-jung, from North Korea, and South Korea’s Lee Eun-ju, posed for a friendly selfie together, without a care in the world for the complex relationship that has gripped their places of origin.

The harmonious moment went viral, and will no doubt have had an emotional impact on audiences from the Korean Peninsula.

And of course, how could we forget this utterly magical proposal after our Aussie womens’ rugby sevens team won gold.

Brazilian rugby sevens player Isadora Cerullo was taken by surprise when her partner, field manager and Olympic volunteer, Marjorie Enya dropped to one knee and asked her to be her wife.


This image was taken after Cerullo said yes.

olympic proposal
Image via Getty.

So. Many. Feels.

Can we also point out that all of these three moments involve women?

And while we're on the subject, here are the Aussie sportswomen to keep an eye on in Rio.